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We host a variety of role-plays, including but not limited to science fiction, high fantasy, low fantasy, steampunk, cyberpunk, warhammer, mythological and any you can think of. However, we are typically open to most role-play genres - though we do not permit any sort of explicitly sexual content in role-plays or any role-plays that exclusively involve explicit sexual content. It's Forumotion's rules and we have to stick to them; minors can and do visit this site, after all. Besides that, if you wish to promote your site, discuss it with administrators: Zan105, Orc and Velmarshal. Check out the role-players in action on Role Plays page. If you are planning on hosting your own role-play, post it in the Drafts, or if you have finished it and it's ready to go, post it in Role Play Creation. as soon as you get enough players, contact one of the admins to create your forum. Ask around if you need help. We hope you will have a great time here. Remember: we're all here to have fun and some RPing on the way.

Low profile promotion
Thu Nov 14, 2013 4:21 pm by Kamica
Apparently, while I wasn't looking, Gath_Stormer, whom most of you might know as our Global Moderator. But no more! It appears he has joined the ranks of the Admins!
Oh, and you don't have to go easy on him =P.

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